Homosassa/Crystal River

Just looking for an update on how everyone is doing in Homosassa/Crystal River. Especially with the surge. 🙏


  • beachbumbeachbum Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    There wasn't any surge that I'm aware of. But power is out in most places.
  • Which means no surge damages, that is great if true!
  • restlessnativerestlessnative Posts: 1,954 Captain
    Our place on Mason Creek did not appear to get any surge, just a bunch of tree branches everywhere. Thank god as we just got done finishing our floors downstairs from Hermine. Did not have any power when we cleaned up branches all day and the Springs Plaza Publix didn't either, nor anything I could tell on the way in from 19, or back out when we left this afternoon. Anyone know if the county plans on picking up yard debris piles left on the side of the road in front of houses?
  • Today, we were told if your not on a County Road, I'm in an HOA, they're are not picking up debris. However, supposedly the money being used is from FEMA, that's Fed money. So I'm trying to get the Commissioners to pick up the debris in my neighborhood. We do live in the USA. So, will see. I'm glad no damage!

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