Battery and charger covered in water over night, thanks Irma

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Irma, left my boat full of water. The water went over the battery and the onboard charger. What should I exspect from this happening? I look to turn on the battery switch tomorrow, to see if the battery discharged? Would it be dangerous to plug in the onboard charger to see if it is still working? Thanks for your reply. Ps all go after eye of the storm passed over our house, but found boat full of water, drain got blocked.
It was a cranking battery
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  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 3,739 Captain
    Well my onboard charger is water proof so no problem there unless yours isn't then it is probably toast, I think or thought most were water proof, I wouldn't put one on my boat that wasn't. Battery could be ruined, if acid is compromised in a standard lead acid battery. It could have shorted out. Take it to the auto parts store and have them test it. There should be fuses on the charger.
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    If it is a acid battery I'm afraid it's toast,but that is not a big deal. Charger will probably be ok,if it is a marine charger. Good look.
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    Just a suggestion wrt water in boat for weight for storms.
    I put 2 150 qt coolers in the boat and fill them w water. Or you could use bug garbage cans
    And as noted in other posts, make sure u block your trailer (if it is on one) so as to not put too much weight on axel and springs

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