Going to John's Pass!

pgr5039pgr5039 Posts: 4 Greenhorn

I'm traveling to Madeira Beach this weekend from Jacksonville. I have never been. I'm bringing DOA shrimp, white bucktails, heddon jrs, spooltek, little spoons...

I'm very close to John's Pass and plan on exploring the area. I'm aware it's going to be crawling with tourists....any tips before I start beating the water?



  • cprcpr Posts: 9,170 Admiral
    I've never fished there but there is a rock jetty and a bridge you can fish out of. You might get a snook near the beach and mangos should be in the rocks.
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    I caught flounder years ago bouncing jigs on the bottom at the pass on the south side. I just used 1/4 oz jig head with shrimp colored split tail soft plastic body.

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