eating roe from offshore fish

Went Saturday fishing in 130'. Caught an assortment including, b liners, triggers, red porgys, 2 dolphin, AJ's, barracudas, and a big shark. I was cleaning fish on Saturday night and the dolphin and b liners were full of roe. Wondering if anyone eats the roe, and if you do how do you cook it.


  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,024 Admiral
    For the smaller fish like beeliners....pan fry slightly then mix 'em in with your grits.....

    You can cook most of 'em just like eggs, cause that's what they are....some people blanch 'em.....some dry 'em out on racks and smoke 'em...but I think that's for bigger sacks of roe, like mullet.

    Some of these kings I catch have a foot or two of fat roe....not sure how I'd tackle cooking those.!!

    Oh and make sure you don't eat the "white roe"....:willynilly
  • arunramarunram Posts: 1,628 Officer
    Sea Snake wrote: »

    Oh and make sure you don't eat the "white roe"....:willynilly

  • ncdeadncdead Posts: 535 Officer
    Almost every cow dolphin we catch is full of row. Back when we were growing up we would eat catfish roe mixed with scrambled eggs. Wanted to do it with dolphin roe but the folks I was with would not go for it.
  • big baitbig bait Posts: 375 Deckhand
    Sautee the roe in a little bit of butter the garlic, then squeeze a lime as you eat it.
    I like to baste them as well in garlic butter.
    No grits or eggs needed..
  • LunaseaLunasea Posts: 89 Deckhand
    when I was growing up, we regularly ate fish roe. Roe from smaller fish like bream as well as mullet row. Always fried them right along with the fish (but be careful, roe will often "pop" when frying and you can get a grease burn, always use a fry cover lid). BTW - we also ate "white" mullet roe (the male row). Cooked same way. Not as good as yellow, but still good. Has a very "fatty" texture, not grainy like yellow. Get past the idea of it. Plenty of people eat "mountain oysters"... As an adult fishing in the local area, I have cooked and eaten Beeliner, snapper, grouper, and cobia roe. All were quite good. Also, remember that row is very "rich". Don't eat too much at one time or you will likely be confined to the toilet soon afterwards... ;>)

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