Need Help - Yamaha F-200 - Lower unit, top drive shaft bearing

Hi All, (400 hours on the engine - total time)

I have the lower unit removed, water pump off etc. Was getting ready to install the new pump. When rotating the vertical DRIVE SHAFT, there is a definite roughness while turning it. (either direction) It's NOT smooth. There seems to be a little bit of resistance and a slight sound of bearing noise that transfers through the the case.
There is no evidence of leaking seals and there's never been a low oil condition in the gear case. (btw: the motor is 2 months out of it's 3 year warranty) :)

The horizontal propeller shaft is absolutely smooth and quiet.

Is there an outboard mechanic or anyone here on the forum that is familiar with doing lower units? - and, knows if this is a normal condition, or an indication that the upper bearing is worn and in need of replacement?
If it needs to be replaced, does anyone have a recommendation on a good mechanic or shop who will do the work?

I can reinstall the water pump myself etc... I just need someone who has a bearing carrier puller and can replace the bearing and seals for me if that is what's called for.

It's hard to believe that the engine would need a new top bearing at 400 hours. The gear case has always been maintained every 100 hours filled to the top vent as recommended. There's no indication of water intrusion.

I would appreciate any advice or comments.

Big Bill

Pura Vida!


  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,320 Captain
    - FYI -
    A forum member in the 'South' section gave me a contact to call. His name is Rolando, at Superior Outboard Service in Miami. I called him and explained the problem. He knew exactly what the issue was. Here's his response:

    He explained that once I removed the wavy pressure washer that sits on top of the water pump housing, it allowed the drive shaft to drop slightly a bit further into the case which takes the pinion gear out of alignment below. When I rotated the shaft at that point, I was feeling misaligned gears meshing which gives the sound and feel of a bad bearing.

    To test it, he said to rotate the main shaft while holding upward pressure on it, and it should feel smooth.
    I did, and, it does! No issue with it after all. I am thrilled at this point. :grin
    The unit will be back on the boat by the end of the day, or tomorrow.

    This forum is great for putting people together and helping each other out. :fishing
    take care everybody

    Pura Vida!
  • bambam78bambam78 Posts: 555 Officer
    That's great news!

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