Boca Inlet 6-17

Headed out of Boca about 7:30. Stopped at the bait boat, but didn't "reserve" any bait... first time that has happened not on a tournament weekend. So we ran down to Lighthouse Point Marina and grabbed a dozen pilchards. Finally headed out around 8:30. With about 400 boats working 100'-350' I just headed east.

Found a nice weed patch in 600' trolled it twice and then threw livies, nothing there.

750' found trap buoys with a big ball of rope. Got two big Almaco Jacks and dropped a sabiki for some more bait. Out to 1150' found a couple of birds working some scattered weed and got two gaffers on the troll and two slingers on livies when we got them to the boat. Left them biting to go looking for bigger fish huge school there could have limited easily, they were hungry.

In 1500' found more birds and picked up a 12lb bull and the schoolies followed him in same small gaffers so we got 4 more and left them biting too.

Wind started picking up around 11:30 realized the the current was smoking and were off of Boynton at this point, so we started back in.

Back in 1200' saw a single bird and swung around picked up a 10lb cow and two more slingers off of a big tree trunk.

Birds were the key yesterday. All trolled fish hit pink and white skirted single hooked small ballyhoo.

Ran 32 miles in total. By far the best mahi trip in the last two years up here. No slobs but bent the rods all day. Ended up with 12 but could have EASILY hit our two man limit with smaller fish.


  • FlfjackFlfjack Posts: 642 Officer
    Glad to hear you guys had a good day. Hopefully it continues.
    East Boynton
    IG jack.bbi
  • LiveSouthFLLiveSouthFL Posts: 119 Officer
    Great report & congrats on a great day. This is the best mahi report off Boca I have heard in almost 2 years.
    Ed Moore
    Live South Florida Realty, Inc.

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  • BarracudaBarracuda Posts: 758 Officer
    We got a few off Boca too on Saturday, they were out there, birds and scattered weeds... biggest was Bull, maybe 8-10#'s..kept 5 total... could have caught more but letting them grow up...

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  • earpearp Posts: 44 Deckhand
    Went out later on Saturday morning, broke Boca inlet about 11. pointed nose east until 1000ft. Also followed the birds, Got a quick bite and fish in boat about 5 minutes in (ate shotgun billy bait), then nothing and noticed no birds around. Picked up and headed north until found some more birds, then had 3 bite offs right behind the hook. followed the birds and had one eat as I was letting it out. Missed hook again

    Saw mahi working bait and 3 birds circling, crept up and started tossing chunks. They were FIRED up and hungry. Put the biggest 9 we could catch in the cooler and released a bunch of 20-22" to grow a bit larger. Could have easily put 20-25 away but no need for that many as there were only 4 of us. We have been eating it since Saturday and should have enough to get us through to next weekend :thumbsup

    Was the first time taking the new boat fishing and couldn't have been more pumped to get the decks bloody! Thanks for sharing!!
    (P.s, do you buy from live bait Jim? if not from who out of boca)
  • EvergladesEverglades Posts: 107 Deckhand
    Not sure of the bait guys name. He has some decal on the side of his boat. I usually catch my own bait but this was a last minute trip.

    If you found them they definitely were hungry.

    I wished I had my speargun and gear as there were a few larger ones that just spectated...

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