6/18 Jupiter

Ran out on a last minute trip with my father. Happy Father's Day to all the dads and soon to be dads. Grabbed a dozen sardines on way out. Plan was to just bottom fish for a few hours. Seen late last night a decent mahi bite. Decided to try for them first. Ran out. And finally in 1200 found some birds and set up on the troll. Small scattered weeds. Up and down no takers. Finally tried to get ahead of the birds and put out 2 sardines. About 15 min picked up a double header. Than another 10 min or so and a single. Pattern started than stopped. We put 5 in the boat and I lost one trying to flip one in the boat unfortunately. They were all from 26-32". No giants but all we could find. Went in finished the sardines on some kings. They were thick just off the pier 110 feet.
John Paul Canzio
Sea 'N Double
39 Sea Vee


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