Best Inshore Area?

Most interested in shallow water / structure fishing for big fish. What would be the best area of the keys to live for maximum nearby back country fishing opportunities?


  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,743 Captain
    I'm content with Cudjoe. Good access from Contents to KW.
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  • eareeyeseeeareeyesee Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    I'm content with Cudjoe. Good access from Contents to KW.

    Yeah, I'm seeing some canal front homes on the W side of Big Pine that intrigue me. I like how it's got back country, but also pretty close to Bahia Honda / 7 Mile bridge, plus obviously direct Atlantic access too.

    How difficult is navigating around the N end of BPK (Pine & Bogie Channels) in a skiff?
  • AOKRVsAOKRVs Posts: 1,561 Captain
    Rent a place once or twice in that area and hire Piner to take you out a couple times.
    You get a chance to check out land and sea. A skiff can go just about anywhere but if you ever get a bigger boat with a T-Top or tower there are several bridges that you can't go under.

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