Boca Bash

Not from Deerfield Beach this year. Pioneer ramp will be closed all day Sunday to stop the Bashers from using it.

What do you guys think? Should they be able to close that ramp ?


  • century7century7 Posts: 2,400 Captain
    Public park so it should be opened

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    It works 60% of the time all the time......
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 850 Officer
    Sad. I don't like it when LE/authorities take the actions that impact the many in an effort to target the few. Closing something because they can doesn't make it right. Even if "we" don't like this Boca Bash, "we" should object to this closure.
  • Deep ThoughtsDeep Thoughts Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Looks like the city commissioners are the ones who closed it.

    Kinda sad. It's another punish everyone policy. They should just ticket and tow the people breaking the law
  • MGDMGD Posts: 913 Officer
    Not that I agree w the closing but last year at 10 PM there was still a line out to Hillsborough and all the way E to federal of people trying to pull out.

    Is it tomorrow???

    Always a good "show".

    At the Boca ramp last year you were not allowed into the ramp area w/o a trailer attached to you vehicle. And they were stopping people from walking into the ramp too.
  • Deep ThoughtsDeep Thoughts Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Just saw this on the Sea Tow FB page....

    Boca Bash boat ramps access update:
    Alsdorf park Ramps aka 14th street ramps in Pompano, is going to be real strict this year. Due to the construction going on at the ramp, ONLY the first 60 boats with trucks & trailers will be allowed in. Once the capacity of 60 has been met, the park and the ramps will closed. No one will even be able to come by, launch their boat & leave, so plan accordingly!
  • Totally HookedTotally Hooked Posts: 599 Officer
    Sounds like a <edit> show

    Life begin's as soon as I leave the dock!
  • brianbbrianb Posts: 2,250 Captain
    Sure. People act like animals. I don't want to pay for the extra cleanup and LEO overtime, do YOU?

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