Keltec RFB bull pup 308, 1800 firm

With box and all paperwork. Short gas piston operation, 26 inch OAL with 18" barrel. Runs very well if you follow the gas adjustments in the instructions. Breaks down with a cartridge much like a AR but you have to remove 4 pins and lower poly stock removes completely from upper barrel bolt and rail assembly. You might find a 308 bullpup but it will cost a grand or so more and not have the stock trigger this has. I paid 1500 + tax for rifle alone. This is a truly ambidextrous gun, spent cases eject out the front and make a nice neat pile in front of you, no hunting for brass. 4 20 round mags, 3 poly and 1 steel (100 $ for those alone) custom fit Magpul fore grip on rail, quick detach scope mount with BPS Osulous 4x14 AO scope life time warranty f4rom BPS. About 400 rounds down the tube. Quickest rifle to shoulder and come to bare on target I've ever owned. Shoots 110 to 130 grain bullets near MAO, bought it to hunt in Carolina with but they are looking into mag restrictions this year. Actual UPS shipping on your dime, USPS MO only form of payment.
"Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".


  • nofishtodaynofishtoday Posts: 1,062 Officer
    Did you change out the trigger
    Or was it worked on?
  • lilwoodylilwoody Posts: 1,045 Officer
    Stock trigger, have you ever fired one. If not and you are close enough we could meet and you can test fire it. Being a fully adjustable gas system I will not lie to you, it is a rifle that takes attention to detail. Hand loading is a great advantage. Of the bull pups that I have fired they have a very good trigger. It breaks clean with about 1/4 inch of clean draw and a crisps break. I did the thumb in the belt loop bump fire once. I would not suggest it and would never do it again or suggest it to anyone. If you are interested lets continue conversation on IM.
    "Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".
  • lilwoodylilwoody Posts: 1,045 Officer
    BTT, you will not find a better deal on this rifle.
    "Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".

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