Use Your Lowrance to Create Your Own Maps

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It's official! Boaters with Lowrance HDS Gen 3 plotters can now create their own maps. Instantly. By utilizing the Go Free wireless connectivity built in to your plotter, you can create charts with one-foot contours in live action, transmitting data from your transducer to your cell phone or ipad.

The areas you scan with this technology will automatically update the charts on your phone, meaning all you have to do is fish or boat.

For more information, go here


  • HambweldHambweld Posts: 218 Deckhand
    I've been looking for something like this. It's a major pia to use the Genesis way. I want to be able to update mapping on the fly. Will the recorded data stay on my unit or do I have to update the map at a later time? Does it use my data package on my phone? Do I have to connect the app to my lowrance very time I go out or just once and done?

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  • HambweldHambweld Posts: 218 Deckhand
    Also which card provides the most data? Satellite, best detail, exct. I fish from Venice, la down to st. Pete and then the Georgia coast. I also hit lake Seminole and Walter f George a lot since they are only an hour away. Thanks

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    Thanks for the questions. What you will be able to do with this new feature is connect your phone or your ipad to the wifi on your Lowrance plotter. This enables the pad or phone to pick up the transducer. As you move along, the maps on your ipad will update. You will see the contours behind your boat change as the map is updating live. This will all be happening on your ipad, as opposed to your plotter, which won't show any changes just yet. When you are finished, that new mapping data will upload to Navionics and be used to update charts everywhere (this takes anywhere from 7-10 days). So, after two weeks, you can take your card out of your Lowrance, plug it into your computer to update the maps, and the charts on your plotter will match the ones on your ipad now.

    As far as cards go...If you are looking for satellite overlays, the Platinum+ card is the only one that provides that type of information. But your problem is going to be you move around so much that you are going to have to buy two, maybe three Platinum+ cards at around $199 each, in order to cover all your areas.

    Navionics+ doesn't provide satellite overlays, but it gives you one-foot contours, community edits and ability to update your maps, just like Platinum+, but it includes the ENTIRE UNITED STATES and CANADA. One $199 card will get you everywhere, just without satellite overlays.

    If you have the app on your ipad, you will have the ability to have satellite overlays, so maybe that in combination with the Navionics+ card in your plotter would make the most financial sense for you?

    Hope that helps a little. Let me know what other questions you have.


  • HambweldHambweld Posts: 218 Deckhand
    Which card would cover from Destin down st Pete?

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  • HambweldHambweld Posts: 218 Deckhand
    Mike, I just ordered the east gulf map. I can't find the app on Googleplay though. Is it down for the weekend or something? I even tried the Linc from the website.

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  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 647 Officer
    Apparently there is a bug with Google Play right now. I found out about it yesterday. It should be back up soon. The East Gulf charts should get you there!

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