Bahamian permit to run charters

I have been researching the paperwork and process to legally operate charters in bahamian waters on a US registered vessel. I have found the forms and information on their website but I'm very interested in speaking with someone here in Florida or someone in the islands from the US that has gone through this process. I hope to have my new boat ready to charter by spring possibly sooner and will be running over asap to have inspected and get these permits set up.

I believe it's an annual inspection on the vessel and I will need to produce my master license in order to acquire a bahamian master license to legally charter clients that hire me in the United States for charter in Bahamian waters.

Appreciate any experienced captains that have gone through this step to operate legally and are willing to discuss with me. Ok to PM or call me if they would prefer.. 772-349-0717 Thanks
Captain James Jolly


Maribella Charters, LLC
ph: 772.222.7101


  • SlipkidSlipkid Posts: 241 Officer
    Talk to Compleat and then forget the idea. LOL
    2003 Viking 45C
  • Ron@.38 SpecialRon@.38 Special Posts: 6,751 Admiral
    Dont forget about the work permits for anyone not a Bahamian.

    For instance, the manager of big game club pays over $10,000 for his yearly work permit.
  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 940 Officer
    Or just blow it off like every other American "guide" running charters over there
  • MikeOMikeO Posts: 111 Deckhand
    I have done it and currently hold one for an American flagged boat. Feel free to message me. on the right day it can take less than 3 hours to do the whole thing, you just need to make sure everything is in order before crossing from the states.

    You don't need work permits if working on a foreign flagged vessel, you do need to leave the country every 90 days or go to immigration and get your visa extended.

    Its a simple process that unfortunately must be done in Nassau. For the minimal cost and the financial gains to be made by chartering in the Bahamas you are silly not to get one. It's certainly not worth getting caught operating without one. Many of the boats licensed to charter in the Bahamas also have no problem in reporting boats chartering illegally.....

    Pacific Provider was caught last year in Bimini by the defence force, I can't remember the fine but it was hefty!
  • MaribellaMaribella Posts: 508 Officer
    MikeO, thanks for tagging in. I will PM you a couple things later this week.
    Captain James Jolly


    Maribella Charters, LLC
    ph: 772.222.7101

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