blacktip shark

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How do you prepare it ?


  • captainjtsmithcaptainjtsmith Posts: 56 Deckhand
    two options.... marinate it in a vinegrette and grill or google a "Shark n Bake".... its a sandwich i tried in Trinidad.... very good eating... you can find the recipe online
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  • captainjtsmithcaptainjtsmith Posts: 56 Deckhand
    love those things
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    I went with salt, pepper, lemon, garlic and threw it on the grill. Amazing, but you gotta fillet it right away and not let it sit on ice, or it will taste way worse.
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    JoeBC wrote: »
    I went with salt, pepper, lemon, garlic and threw it on the grill. Amazing, but you gotta fillet it right away and not let it sit on ice, or it will taste way worse.

    Make sure when you fillet it, that you leave a 1/8th inch of meat on the skin and cut out the red meat. Also I find after grilling, I love to dip it in Kraft's Sundried Tomato Salad dressing. Something about the zesty tomato makes it killer.

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    terriyaki marinade and on the grill
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    Agree with everything above. However, if your shark is big enough to make steaks, make sure you make them a little thicker (same is true for swordfish) I like just a hair over 1 inch thick. This gives you just a tiny bit more leeway in terms of cooking times, because if there is anything you do not want to do with any shark (or swordfish) is over cook it.

    My favorite thing to do is marinate the steaks in Good Seasons Italian and then grill them over the hottest fire possible, to sear and brown one side...then turn and repeat on the other side. Flame up? no problem...the more the better. The meat should still be slightly transluscent in the middle, and will finish cooking off the grill.
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    All these recipes sound great, but even more important is handling the shark correctly when you catch it. Since sharks excrete their urea through their skin, it needs to be bled, gutted and iced right away. If not it will very quickly develop an amonia like taste.

    I've always steaked mine and left the skin on the meat. It's never imparted a bad flavor or anything and peels right off like cellephane once cooked, but maybe that has something to do with the way the meat was handled after the catch.
    I've never cooked it any way but grilled over charcoal and/or wood. I've seen the SharknBake on t.v. and it did look good......will have to try that sometime.

    Man......makes me want to go shark fishing!!!!
    Nah.....I'll eat Hellmann's. :wink

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