offshore out of wiggin's

went out today first light a little disorientated seas but not too bad. bite was slow and sporatitc but we managed 6 keeper red grouper and a handful of lanes caught over 75 fish to get that six. Hands are worn out and chewed up!!!!! no gags!!! need to find out where they are?? Boat has performed pretty good last 2 times out so ready to make a longer run now I think.looking for some more dependable people to take fishing to split fuel up and alittle more experienced!!!lol


  • reel backwardsreel backwards Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Nice report. How far out where you Allout? What kind of boat do you have and how far is a "longer run". If a longer run is 50+ miles then I might apply as one of the more dependable, experienced persons who could split the fuel cost you are looking for.
  • alloutallout Posts: 193 Officer
    probably more like 30-40 out but it needs to be calm out. I have a 23 ft "offshore" center console so I've been 24 miles out 3 times with no probs (knocking on wood). so next step is that. not sure of how much fuel I hold so gotta run it out of fuel and check though before I go. I have a friend with a 25 contender that might be willing to make that run out but I'll let you know if so. but if you want to go catch so red grouper let me know.
  • dewey94dewey94 Posts: 53 Deckhand
    yeah allout if ya ever need someone to split gas and bait with im always down for a far run. i dont really get past thirty miles so if ya need someone who knows what their doin let me know!
  • alloutallout Posts: 193 Officer
    ok sounds good

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