9/2-9/5 - Choko south

Decided to see if camping in Sept was a crazy as everyone said it would be, convinced a friend to join me and down we went. Launched Friday morning at Outdoor Resorts- not a soul around, ran south to New Turkey fished here and there, nothing good to speak of. Caught bait that night and fished around New Turkey- Skeeters were not too bad.

On Sat ran south to Lostmans, fished there for part of the falling tide in the AM, but a few boats were there and one was on the point I was going to fish. So we putzed around and then headed out at dead low to go to Harney. fished Harney on the incoming tide and managed a few cats and jacks.We also got into a ton of Tarpon rolling around the river- hooked 2 on soft plastics. Camped at the Harney River Chickee that night, no bugs and a good breeze. We drifted the tide out the south Harney and kept jumping tarpon in the AM. At low tide we ran back to New Turkey and spent Sunday night soaking mullet. More bugs that night, less fish.

Monday was tough. Had a guide motor in on my drift to cut me off before I got to the point I was fishing so he could give his clients a shot at it- I was 30 yards from the point drifting the wind, he motored in just to it. That was a bummer- then I went into the Chatum to a spot and had two dudes blow through it on plane just after we had got set up and had our baits out for the reds. I never have seen a boat run through this little cut before, its really only wide enough and deep enough to drift or troll through. but they ran right on through and blasted by me at a distance of 10 yards. I gave up after that and got to the dock at 11:00 to start the long drive home to Orlando

I think that you have to have tough trips to the 10K to appreciate the trips where fish just fall into your boat. This was a great trip, not my best by a long shot, but not my worst either. I'll be back soon


  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 927 Officer
    Thanks for the report.
    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain
  • IndianoutlawIndianoutlaw Posts: 550 Officer
    Good report, some times your the bug, sometimes your the windshield!
  • SnoooksterSnoookster Posts: 37 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report, we will be there Oct.21-24 from Orlando join us if u can we fish mainly back country, and we don't see a sole.
  • BCPhantom01BCPhantom01 Posts: 45 Deckhand
    Thats a bummer man, long drive too. If the bite sucks I always drift sandfly for some action. Catch alot of small gags and trout, its pretty consistent. Good luck next time.
  • Anonymous2Anonymous2 Posts: 1,964 Officer
    Don't feel bad. I live here and get the same ****. I'm planning a trip next month and hope for the best! Got some guys coming in from west- central to see what we've got. Hope to show them some stuff!! Give a pm when your headed this way, maybe we can set something up. Great report, sorry you got skunked by the aholes, their everywhere. See ya on the water...

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