Mid October Fishing

I'll be in Marco/Goodland area Oct 9 - 16, and I'm wondering if any of you good fellas can advise what to expect for fishing and weather/sea conditions, generally speaking for this time of year.

I fish out of a 23' Seacat. I like offshore (when possible) and near shore.

Any info and tips greatly appreciated!!
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  • dcheek2112dcheek2112 Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    That is the beginning of our cold front season so judging the weather 3 weeks ahead is nearly impossible. Hell, NOAA has enough trouble forecasting two days in advance. With that being said the fronts are normally very mild that early in fall and being here for a week you should have plenty of days to fish offshore. I am not much of an inshore fisherman as almost all of my experience comes from fishing offshore. However I do the majority of my fishing out of a 22 bayboat which is similar size to your seacat. Gag frouper season just opened up and the fishing should only improve as the water temprature cools off. Right now we are catching easy limits of gags on natural ledges in 45 to 60 feet. As the water cools the fish will move in closer and when the water temp gets below 78 or so gags to 30 inches will be availabe inside of a mile. The most important thing is being able to accurately read your bottom machine as the best spots are sometimes the natural ledges that only have 1.5 to 2 foot relief. You have to know what youre looking for and you have spend time looking for new spots. Mangrove snapper in the 2 to 5lb range have also been a dependable target. Limits of snapper are available throughout the entire year, you just have to change your tactics depending on water temp, clarity, and tide. If you are willing to run out a little farther then red grouper are an option. Red Grouper fishing requires alot less skill and almost anyone can catch their limit if they are willing to run 20+ miles. If we have had a couple cold fronts by the time you get down here kingfish and cobia should be relatively dependable. I havent heard of anyone running into schools of kings yet but we caught cobia last weekend on two different wrecks which is a good sign. Does your boat have twins or a single outboard? If you are willing to run out of naples I would be up for coming out with you and teaching you some offshore fishing techniques. I have all the equipment we would need and as long as your boat has adequate electronics you would be coming home with all the fresh fish you want. Hope some of this helps.

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