Gotta Love 3 Day Weekends!! 2/16 - 2/18

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Having a 3 day weekend, I got to fish a lot this weekend.

Launched the Gheenoe at Jensen Causeway just after sunrise and it was rough to say the least. Wind felt a lot more north than west, but the Gheenoe handled it well. West side action was uneventful other than the jacks that were hitting just about every cast. Went over to the east side mangroves, not much happening there either. Finally worked around to some deeper docks where Dad got a nice 21 inch trout on a Viper Minnow and I followed it up with a bigger jack. Also managed a bluefish before we called it a day early.

Headed back out that evening to wade. The river was still very choppy so me and Chris fished a sandbar. Chris pulled off a beast of a trout right away. We caught 5 trout, but no size to them. Killed time on some docks and then decided to fish one more dock before we left. Great decision. I quickly rattled off 2 snook at 12 and 22 inches. Go under the dock and cast my Rip N Slash down line the dock. Fish on! Huge snook! It takes off peeling drag. Chris does a follow up casts and quickly catches another 22 inch trout. I get mine close and it puts on a show. Jumping out of the water twice before peeling 30 yards of line off my rod. I get it close and its just about done. Get ready to grab it and "snap"! Leader breaks. It had the lure so far down that it frayed through my leader. Me and Chris both agreed it was easily a 35 to 38 inch snook and got some of it on GoPro. Called it a day at that.

Launched the Gheenoe up in Ft.Pierce around 3:00 PM. The north winds were blowing so we stayed out of the wind and I quickly caught a nice trout. Went to check out a new flat and drifted it. It was 25 inch ladyfish galore! Literally every cast was a hook up. Caught probably 30 of them, hoping a big trout would show up, but never did. Fished a canal before dark and Dad finished the evening with a drag screaming jack.

Presidents Day:
Went wading with Chris again today around lunch time for a few hours. The action was slow, but steady. We caught trout, bluefish and big ladyfish. I also caught a baby snook in the cold water. Finally Chris hooks up to a big trout. Not quite gator status, but a very nice fish nonetheless. Some pretty good fishing for how bad the weather was this weekend. Enjoy the pics and Dad's instructional video from Sunday!


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