I got the new boat home on Saturday, and can hardly wait to get it in the water. Took it up to "Carp Coastal Marine", in Grant, for a new Minn Kota iPilot install, batteries, on board charger, etc. I will begin putting all of my gear into it this weekend and hit the water first thing next week.

It is a Sea Pro, SV2100, with Merc 150 Verado. My question... What type and size of anchor should I use? How long should I make the anchor rode? What type of rope is best... twisted nylon or braided nylon... for the rode? I know I need a length of chain and I plan to drill a hole in the base and attach the chain to the shank and eye, with zip ties, for backing it out if it gets hung. I have a 7lb and a 13lb fluke type anchor, which should/could I use??:huh:huh

I live in the Sebastian area and plan to fish the lagoon and near shore on good days.



  • spodabfishinspodabfishin Posts: 428 Officer
    Same boat here.

    I use a 8# sea claw as it came with the boat. I also have a spare larger fluke but it won’t fit in the locker so I keep it in a storage tube in the large center hatch if I fell I needed it.
    My current rode configuration is the SeaClaw to 8' of 1/2" galv to 50' of 1/2", spliced to 200' of 3/8" (both twisted nylon)

    I know it sounds like complicated. But the previous owner had only 120' of 1/2 & 5' of 3/8 chain. As time came to replace my rode I wanted longer for nearshore like yourself. so I dropped down to 3/8" @ 200' it suited all my needs except it was a PIA to retrieve without an anchor ball due to the small diameter. So I had a rigging shop splice in 50' of the 1/2" . Now I get the best of both worlds. I wish I could go all 1/2" but our lockers are suited for "bay" length rodes for a reason.

    Good luck :fishing
  • spodabfishinspodabfishin Posts: 428 Officer
    I want an Ipilot for mine. What size did you go with?

    I'm not familure with the area you fish but if typical depths are <50' you should be good with the 8#, 8' of 1/2" & 150' of 1/2" twisted.
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,544 Captain
    The Samson braid is very nice on the hands when pulling the anchor and lays very nice in the rope locker. Little more $ but nice stuff. I also expect that on nice days you will run offshore and even if you don't plan on bottom fishing it's always a good idea to have a bit more rode and chain to hold bottom in the event of a breakdown and rougher seas.
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,778 Moderator
    I would try your 13lb fluke. I have a 22'7" classic mako that weighs about 2400lbs dry and a 12lb fluke didn't work for me. I'm using 300' of 5/8" rope with 15' of chain.

    Upgraded to 16lb claw type and it holds good now.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida
  • tankardtankard Posts: 6,201 Admiral
    If yo're planning on bottom fishing, skip the fluke anchor and go with a grapple.

    They grab rock and reef better, which is where you want to fish, if you end up having to pop it loose with the boat a grapple is WAY safer and more user-freindly, and lastly think about the design of a fluke anchor...sorta has wings doesn't it?

    Think about what that does on the anchor's journey to the bottom. Might not end up where you dropped it, huh?
  • FISHIN' GYPSYFISHIN' GYPSY Posts: 336 Officer
    I want an Ipilot for mine. What size did you go with?

    I'm not familure with the area you fish but if typical depths are <50' you should be good with the 8#, 8' of 1/2" & 150' of 1/2" twisted.

    I got the 80ST w/60" shaft. I really didn't want to have three batteries cost, taking up more room, etc, and on days when the 80lb thrust would not be "enough"... I would probably stay home anyhow.

    THANKS for all of the good advice. I already have an 800ft spool of both braid and twisted 1/2 inch, so I just need to decide which one to use.

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