Galaxie s3 or i phone 5

Cut runnerCut runner Posts: 948 Officer
What do you have, why do you like it, and what do you think makes it better than the other?
Im well overdue for an upgrade.
At&t service btw


  • jimmy77jimmy77 Posts: 1,687 Officer
    I have the s3 and haven't found anything I don't like. I got my wife the same phone. Her first "smart phone" and she's addicted. She doesn't ***** at me any more if I'm checking email or "playing" with my phone. My screen is huge compared to an iPhone. My kids love watching Netflix on it. I though it would be an issue fitting in my pocket, but it's not. I've got nothing Apple and can't tell you anything about them. I did read that the first update to iOS6 is causing major problems with them though...
  • jcbcpajcbcpa Posts: 1,386 Officer
    I have the S3 also. I like it better than any other smartphone I've had.
    Never had an apple phone though.
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  • tankardtankard Posts: 6,201 Admiral
    I have the Galaxy, but I went from an old Nokia soapbar straight to a smartphone so I'm real new to this.

    It's generally user-friendly I guess, but it's already done some wierd crap the old Nokia wouldn't do (turn itself off, freeze up, etc) each time it's been a simple remedy but the jury's still out as I've only had it since November.

    If you do get the Galaxy, DO NOT get the one with the slide-out keyboard, like I did. I thought I'd use it but the touchscreen is much easier.

    Now I've got a feature I never use adding about 50% more weight to the "device" (They don't even call em phones anymore!)
  • JF1shJF1sh Posts: 452 Officer
    Galaxy S3. I'm anti I-phone. every accessory is over priced. I still have the Galaxy s2 and I love it.
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 5,908 Admiral
    Our company currently has about 300 Galaxies and 435 iphones out there.
    Men seem to like the Galaxy IIIs better than women (due to size, probably).
    The Samsungs break and are replaced more often.

    The iphones are limited, but seem to just work and do their thing with little upkeep.
  • IndigoIndigo Posts: 960 Officer
    S3 here
    The battery life is about 16 hours
    The cam takes great pix, but could use more zoom
    S3 can add a 64 gb sd micro if needed

    The appleheads at work are not happy about the tiny i5 display compared to the S3
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 5,908 Admiral
    With everything I said above, I have a Galaxy because:

    1) it's bigger and not Apple
    2) when it breaks/malfunctions, I just go swap it out immediately

    Full disclosure: it's malfunctioned 3x since October
  • SwampThing07SwampThing07 Posts: 346 Officer
    I just switched from an iPhone 4 to s galaxy s3 an ill never go back. The phone has a way bigger screen, more options, faster and more customized to your likings. My fiance still has her iphone and she borrows mine all the time to internet search.

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  • Cut runnerCut runner Posts: 948 Officer
    Thanks guys. I have an iphone 3gs right now. Had it three years and its worked flawlessly. My wife on the other hand had a 4, which had some problem and was exchanged then good after that. Now shes got a 5. But this is her 3rd one, and believe me its not her because every time apple has no problem replacing it after they run a "diagnostic test" on it. As far as that goes im truly not impressed.
  • kodiakzachkodiakzach Posts: 6,071 Admiral
    People who love their galaxy have never had an iPhone.

    My iPhone washes the dishes, amongst other things.

    I only own it because I am a hipster and anything less would be inferior.

    Steve Jobs 4 life!!!
  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,151 Admiral
    Galaxy S3 !!!
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