Hobie Marage outback old pre 2009 vs new ones.

Can anyone comment on the good, the bad and the ugly of the hobie mirage outback from before 2009 vs new ones (09 - 12)?
I'm looking to get an outback but I'm not sure if its worth getting an old outback.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Ring KingRing King Posts: 76 Deckhand
    The older Outbacks (09 and older) had a different way of securing the Mirage Drive in place. The 2010 and newer models use the click and go system and also the drive wells are more reinforced on the newer models. IMO it would be worth it to find a 2010 or newer model if looking to buy used. I'm in the market myself right now and would actually prefer a 2011 or newer. Obviously the newer it is the less abuse you can hope that it went through!
  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,151 Admiral
    I wouldn't buy '09 or older (unless it was crazy cheap)
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  • bluewateryak13bluewateryak13 Posts: 184 Officer
    I bought a lightly used/garage kept 2007 not too long ago and I love it. The kayak itself is a slug and paddling traditionally is essentially impossible, perhaps this is something they've changed in the new ones. The only complaints that I have are the twist nobs for the peddledrive are a huge pain, and there is a lot of hull slap if there is a light ripple on the water. The newer models with the quick release are definitely worth getting. I believe they made the bow more hydrodynamic in the new models to reduce the noise, but I'm not sure. The noise in mine takes away from the stealth when going after reds/trout/snook inshore. Other than those things, there isn't much I would change about the older model.
  • EdwardHBLWEdwardHBLW Posts: 58 Deckhand
    I just bought a 2012 Outback a couple of weeks ago and am smitten by it! I've only had the chance to take it out twice and have no complaints other than the hull slap on this one. I came from a Tarpon 100 and I would say the hull slap is a little worse on the outback vs the tarpon. Stable enough to stand and cast from in moderate wind and slight chop (5'11, 215").
    2012 Hobie Outback
  • Mag1171Mag1171 Posts: 64 Deckhand
    Anyone had problems with the locking system on the old yaks?
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  • TeodoraTeodora Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Hobie mirage outback's new model 2013 has everything the serious fisherman needs and wants, comfort, stability and speed. The Outback includes a paddle as well as the Mirage Drive, molded-in rod holders and trays, storage compartments and a gear bucket that fits in the round hatch. Its better than previous model.

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