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    They can keep it at $7K!
    Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.
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    OK, I will try to play this down the middle, since I am decidedly a Nikon shooter.

    A person has to always consider the review(er) when looking at these type of end-of-year selections and ask what the agenda is. I try to blast past the opinion part and go straight to the facts. Now with that said I will quote a little text from the review: "Even amongst pure still photographers, the Canon 1D X’s dove-tailing of the sports-centric 1D Mark IV and the studio-centric 1Ds Mark III lines seemed to be an ambitious move designed to capture the majority of the pro market with a single professional body."

    The camera has slightly more pixel count (18 Mpix) when compared to the Nikon D4 (16 Mpix). However, it nowhere comes close to Nikon's D800 36Mpix count which Nikon is marketing as their portrait camera so I don't quite understand the reviewers comment above.

    Canon wins on one other point - burst rate - undoubtedly the highest burst rate in the marketplace.

    Canon has also been able to leverage much of their video technology and transfer it to their DSLR's however with the last refresh of the Nikon line many reviewers have said Nikon has largely closed the gap. It now comes to features and no longer video image quality. I do use my DLSRs for video and I will say that Nikon's implementation seems to be something of an afterthought but with great looking footage.

    If we are going to looks at key technical metrics of the direct competitors from Nikon and Canon, in the last body refresh cycle or two Nikon has won higher scoring marks from the independent labs. Here are four common metrics to look at. >>>>>|0/%28brand%29/Nikon/%28appareil2%29/753|0/%28brand2%29/Canon

    Also, I am sure if I look around I can find a year end review that places the D800 at the top of the heap for camera-of-the-year, given the technology it brings to market.

    What did Canon do that makes this camera $800US higher than the D4? That seems unclear.

    Additionally, I agree with Menzies, few of us will be buying $6,800US or $6,000US cameras. It is hard for me to understand what technology these incrementally improved bodies have that caused such a huge price leap. Even factoring in the terrible (relative) dollar to yen exchange rate, there is no justification for the huge price increase on these incrementally improved bodies. Which brings me to the conclusion that they want to screw the press agencies purchasing these bodies (for a year or so.)

    Bottomline: Few of use looking at this forum make our living shooting action photo or video for a living so I will argue few of us are in the position to need or have an agency (or paper) buy is a D1X or a D4. However, the reason it is important to look at and review these cameras on a personal level is two fold. One, to understand the technology that will be in lower cost cameras in a generation or so and two, to watch pricing and perhaps purchase a camera when it is a generation or so old. An example is I am now seeing hobby shooters showing up at the birding grounds with Nikon D3's.

    Second Bottomline: There is nothing earth shattering in either body that will cause many people to change from one company to the other. Lens allegiance is what it is so people are entrenched with the company they sold their soul to for some of us many, many years ago.

    The only people who are in a real quandary are those with $10K or more burning a hole in their pocket and wanting to spend it on camera gear above their ability or need.
    Which ever one(s) of you little boys complained about quotes in the signature should be ashamed of yourself. :blowkiss

    Instead of complaining to the moderators you should just quit playing on this board.
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    It could cost $3k and I'd still rather have my D800.
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    well said and on point...
    your commentary is without bias and hits the mark very well...

    for a nikon guy, you're pretty

    merry Chistmas...

    The Real White Dog

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    Yeah there are many cameras introdcue by the different comnapies and all these cameras ahve best rsult and the high quality lens but i think the best and the camera is the year is Nikon companmy's camera Nikon D700 this sithe low rate camera with have high quality lesna dn best result of your photos so i htink this is the best camera of the year........
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    Not sure if serious.....
  • armandearmande Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    I have become a Canon owner recently.
    Best Buy had the T3i kit on sale at an unbelievable sale price with a zoom telephoto lens included.
    I'm still trying to figure it out. I really don't know what I would do with a $7000 camera.
    I will post some pictures soon, but I want to be able to put a picture up unless it's somewhere in the same zip code as the other pictures I have seen here.

  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,394 Captain
    Don't be afraid to post some photos right away, some of the guys with skills will be happy to suggest what you could have done differently. Constructive criticism (and a little sarcasm at times) is freely offered. I'm still very much learning and this place has helped me improve my results.
  • armandearmande Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Chuckc wrote: »
    Don't be afraid to post some photos right away, some of the guys with skills will be happy to suggest what you could have done differently. Constructive criticism (and a little sarcasm at times) is freely offered. I'm still very much learning and this place has helped me improve my results.

    Thank you very much. I have been watching this board since before I became a member.
    I have enjoyed the repartee between the Canon and Nikon owners.
    I became a Canon owner also because I have a very old Canon AE-1 which is nothing compared to my new DSLR.


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