WTB : inexpensive CCW

Just getting into shooting sports, and am going to take a CCW class in a week. I am looking for a good CCW weapon, inexpensive. Maybe a .380 or 9mm is what I am looking for, or maybe a small revolver.

I have tons of fishing equipment I can trade (Loomis mostly)



  • RobpelotRobpelot Posts: 610 Officer
    Looking for something like a Ruger p95, Kel Tec P11/P9, Hi Point .380 or 9mm, good used S&W Revolver, or something like that. Inexpensive, small, carryable is key!
  • FLDXTFLDXT Posts: 2,472 Captain
    Just a word of advice...inexpensive and ccw probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence. You must not forget if this will be your everyday carry, your life or the life of a family member might be dependent on this firearm working properly.
    If I were you I would check into a Ruger LCP or LCR or something of the that sort. Not trying to high jack your post or be a jerk, but I am not willing to bet my life or the life of a loved one on a bargain firearm. Alot of good used revolvers out there, I carry an SP101 75% of the time, paid $400 for it used and it never misses a beat. Inexpensive autos are inexpensive for a reason, ie High Point.
    Good luck.
  • rysherrysher Posts: 353 Deckhand
    FLDXT wrote: »
    inexpensive and ccw probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
    i can foresee ftf and fte.
  • spfldbowhunterspfldbowhunter Posts: 889 Officer
    x2 on the SP101, I've had mine for 10 years and it's great.
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  • RobpelotRobpelot Posts: 610 Officer
    Here's what I am thinking. I am a grad student, saving for a wedding, I am not rich. I would like to learn to shoot and earn a concealed weapons permit. I don't plant on carrying everywhere I go.
    When beginners ask me about fishing tackle, I try not to sound like I am talking down to them and I do not recommend st croix avid or g looms as a first rod to learn with. The job can be done with a ugly stick and there is no shame in buying one. not saying you were, but to me, it came off that way. It's no worry though,I understand your point.

    If I need my weapon, would it be better to have a hi point 380 in my holster, or would it be better for me a month before saying I am better off with nothing and learning when I can afford a 800 dollar pistol, relying on my constant charm to protect my family?

    I would like to get a used or new pistol to learn with and for protection until I can afford a better one. If any one can help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  • FLDXTFLDXT Posts: 2,472 Captain
    I understand, one thing you will learn about firearms is they don't depreciate, except the cheap stuff. Stay away from HiPoint and the cheap autos, for 300-450 bucks you can get a good used revolver, ruger, SW, even Taurus is better then alot of the low end autos, revolvers almost always go boom, with no FTF or FTE issues.
    If you can't find anything on here might want to check:
    Good luck
  • cprcpr Posts: 9,170 Admiral
    Anything that goes bang is better then nothing. The problem is everyone thinks their used gun is worth about $10 less then a new one. Go to a few gun stores including shoot straight, sometimes they have good sales, also check out pawn shops.

    I was going to say, go to a range and rent a revolver and a semi-auto see what you like better. But that will cost you coin, say 6-12 bucks for range time then 20+ each for a box of ammo, 380 and 38 (9MM is hard to find), that's 40+ add gun rental (I have no clue) maybe 10-15 that's 30 and a $2-3 for targets. So between 70-100 for range, ammo and rental of 2 guns depending on where you go. I went last week $12 RT+ $24 ammo (380), $1.50 for a target, with tax it was over $40.

    Ask at the shops, sometimes that have good deals on trade-ins.
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  • MARLIN44MARLIN44 Posts: 1,220 Officer
    Go to the range and shoot everything you can a lot of the better ranges will let you try guns if you are a serious buyer (at least rent) ... You're ccw instructor (if he is a good one) should be able to walk you through
    all your questions and concerns. Me personally,I don't carry anything under a .40.
  • RobpelotRobpelot Posts: 610 Officer
    Its strange if hi point is so terrible why would they have a lifetime transferable no questions warranty?
  • FLDXTFLDXT Posts: 2,472 Captain
    Robpelot wrote: »
    Its strange if hi point is so terrible why would they have a lifetime transferable no questions warranty?

    To sucker people into buying them. They are junk, I wouldn't carry one if it was given to me.
  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 939 Officer
    I know you feel like guys are talking down to you but they are just tying to bestow some good advice. Hi point is junk warranty or not, if your comfortable carrying junk then go ahead a buy it that is totally your choice. It is really hard to compare a fishing rod to a firearm esp when one is purely for enjoyment and pleasure and the other is well a means by which to defend yourself and your new wife. I don't see anyone recommending a Springfield or kimber or anything that will out a serious dent in your pocket plenty of good wheelies and semi's out there under the 400/500 price tag that will serve you for a lifetime. Guys are just trying to stear you away from making a purchase you will later on regret. Spend 200 bucks on a hi point hate it then spend 400/500 on something decent now your looking at 600/700 alone. When you could just spend the 400/500 off the bat. Just guys trying to be helpful. That's all

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  • BatemasterBatemaster Posts: 1,699 Captain
    Glock 27 or a Kahr CW9 for carry is what I like.
  • RobpelotRobpelot Posts: 610 Officer
    I've done research on these things and from what I have read hi point is not as bad as what people generally say. Excepting that they are heavy and ugly. It would be a terrible business decision to offer a product with a transferable lifetime no questions warranty on something that will break constantly.

    While not as nice as a glock its functional. If I found a good used gun that is not a hi point I'd take it. I'm asking if people have Anything to sell or trade, not asking what is the best pistol for me to buy.
  • MARLIN44MARLIN44 Posts: 1,220 Officer
    Go to Florida gun trader. For a good priced hand gun, your about two month late.Also you can go to Walmart and pick up a $10.00 zebco and compare to a nice stradic. Take the advice from the people who shoot and carry guns everyday. " never take a knife to a gun fight,unless the other guy has a high point"

    The only people who will say anything good about a high point are usually people that bought them and don't know any better.
  • polepositionpoleposition Posts: 1,052 Officer
    He's trying to help you avoid a mistake...and he happens to be right. If you want, you can ignore him. Gunbroker, GlockTalk, AR15.com and florida Arms trader.com all have classified forums that are easily the best place to look for deals...even cheap pistols if it blows your hair back.
  • halligan017halligan017 Posts: 100 Officer
    I carry a Glock 27 or Taurus TCP everday. The Glock is great when I have clothes that allow me to conceal a little easier, untucked shirt etc. I use an in-the-waistband style holster and it is very comfortable. The TCP is great anytime I need to tuck it in a pocket. I have a pocket holster that conceals well and is comfortable. Just do some research and find the carry weapon that suits you the best.
  • budsboatbudsboat Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I bought 2 highpoints and sold both of them within a month. The guns misfired frequently. I also read and was told they aren't that bad, but mine were. I paid 300 for a Kel tec and no problems, also see them often used around 250. I have bought lots of guns in my life and never lost money on any of them besides the Hi points.

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