Night Trip... My Biggest Catch Yet! 1/21/13

Joupdog1Joupdog1 Posts: 1,416 Officer
Went out wading for a little while yesterday, caught some nice trout and baby snook. We got poured on, then the river went glassy and the bite was much better. Got onto a sandbar we know of and they were tearing up the Pearl Viper Minnow, but Chris got a couple of nice flounder on the shrimp. Went back out for a night trip with Dad that night. For the little while we were out there, we caught a couple of junk fish and then it happened... CATCH OF THE NIGHT! Estimated over 180 pounds. Called it a night early after that one. Caught on an Unfair Lures Greenie with #2 Triple Grip Style treble hooks. The last picture is of that one.


  • on_the_rockson_the_rocks Posts: 7,897 Admiral
    i guess it was your dad......
  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,240 Officer
    Owie, owie! Bet that hurt! Squash those treble barbs flat; they hold about as good as a barbed hook but are so much easier on the release! :grin
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    Nice catches! Did you eat the flounder or catch and release? Sucks about the finger... I bet that hurt...
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,659 Captain
    Great job on the fishing. I thought you landed a 180lb Tarpon until I saw the last pic. OUCH!!! That rain looks like a total downpore. Good job sticking it out despite the weather.
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    Man, sorry to hear about the finger, I just had the same thing happen. Nice flounder!

    Did you push it back through and snip the barb?
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  • Gmanwi53Gmanwi53 Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Typical fisherman --lying about the size of your catch::) ---you don't look like a pound over 176. What method did you use to get the hook out? That looks like a good place to just force it thru. If you have a buddy punch you in the nose at the same time you force it thru you won't notice the pain from the hook --- sometimes it takes a couple of trys to get the timing right. Or you could go to the ER.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    ouch.. nice flounders..
  • ChobeeboysChobeeboys Posts: 417 Officer
    Wow, I am assuming some choice words were said during the hooking of said 180 lb Joup fish.
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  • Joupdog1Joupdog1 Posts: 1,416 Officer
    Lol released the flounders, Dad went to the ER to get the hooks out. We tried removing it ourselves, but with the place that was hooked. No chance. Thanks everyone.
  • HopittyhopHopittyhop Posts: 302 Officer
    Ouch that made me cringe, I hate seeing those types of pictures lolololol.
  • DoozeDooze Posts: 233 Officer
    Nice flounder fellas. Those treble hooks are terrifying. Especially the ones on a 5 1/2" (triple treble floating Rapala. They seem to stick into my leg.
    ^^^^Toooooooooo close for comfort!!!!!!!!
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  • DoozeDooze Posts: 233 Officer
    ^^^^Toooooooooo close for comfort!!!!!!!!

    Couldn't agree more GS. I lucked out. I was holding a snook up for a pic and it shook like crazy. Shame on me for holding that fish so close.
  • getdagaffgetdagaff Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Looks like a good day where were you fishing

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