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cayrbeecayrbee Posts: 36 Greenhorn
Hey guys, need some help with a bait runner reel. What is the best surf fishing rig? I would think in order to get the best out of the bait runner that the sinker should stay put on the pick up. So the fish feels no pressure. Thoughts,ideas suggestions. Thanks,cayrbee:willynilly


  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    It all depends on what you are fishing for. If you are doing the traditional style of surf fishing for pompano and whiting then a 10'-14' (12' a good size) rod is what you need. I like a 6000-8000 sized reel. I personally use 10lb braided line and max of 20lb, but some guys use up to 50lb but I find that is cuts your distance. Remember, that if you are using braided line, then use a shock leader because it will save you a lot of snapped lines. I use a 10' 20-30lb mono shock leader... The rig itself I use is a traditional pompano rig with a 3-5 ounce sinker. If the surf is calm, go as light as you can without your casting distance suffering. Also use pyramid weights if the surf is calm. To hold bottom on days with choppy surf use a 4 ounce spudnic and it should hold bottom...

    If you have extra money, I would get a second set-up with an 8' rod and a 4000 sized reel. I use this to fish close to shore and many days I Outfish my big rods with the little rig...
  • SwampratSwamprat Posts: 1,058 Officer
    Good advice......sometimes the first trough right off the beach outfishes the one past the sand bar.

    A 8-10 foot rod is perfect for this and have even used one of my trout/red spinning outfits and just walked along the beach tossing jigs or a lightly weighted shrimp into the first trough for whiting and pomps. Sure beats getting pounded by a cold surf this time of year.
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    IMO the old gen. Shimano 4500B & 6500B reels were the best...
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    There isnt much point to fishing a baitrunner type reel for typical surf faire. Save your $$. My surf rigs are the cheapest you can possibly get. Dont need to save weight cause it sits in a rod holder all day, (I dont even take it out to reel the fish in.) The size of the reel to fish being caught ratio is ridiculous so you dont need high perf gear. Rig 'em like Fishboy said and you're good to go. With a firm sinker and a snug line, the fish hook themselves on the pomp rigs. It's simple fishing. Bring some shade, beer, book, frisbee, whatever, and enjoy the salt air and the sand between your toes.

    I do, however, absolutely L-O-V-E my 6500B when I'm surf fishing for shark. At that point a baitrunner feature comes in handy.
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  • cayrbeecayrbee Posts: 36 Greenhorn
    Thanks guys. That helps
  • aceofspadesaceofspades Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Check out the Daiwa Opus. I have a 6500B too, but the new ones aren't that great. Just got the Daiwa a few months ago and love it.

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