Lowrance Elite -5with Navionics Gold

Fore-ReelFore-Reel Posts: 103 Officer
Let me begin by first saying, I am deffinately electronicly challenged when it comes to computers etc. I purchased the unit last year in October when I took delivery of my new 196 Bayreef. Trying to learn the Big Bend area of Florida , mainly flats fishing. I have struggled with this ever since I have owned it. I go in the unit and switch the setting to ". navionics" and it is all squared off, no details what so ever, water depth, where islands are etc. I always switch it back to Lowrance setting, and I have more detail on that setting?! Just want to make sure I am not missing out on some features, I have heard and red good things about Navionics Gold, but I surely can not see or find them.

Appreciate any assistance.

PS, I do not live on the water, so hard to experiment in the driveway.



  • DixonDixon Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Do you have lat/long of a specific area to look at?

    Any chance you can post a screen shot? On my Lowrance, you simply press "Menu", scroll to the top for "System", and scroll down to highlight "Screen Capture."

    Then use a blank SD card to get the image. Go to "Pages", scroll down to "files", and copy the image out of "My Screenshots."

    See if that works and let's figure out what's going on. "Squared off" shorelines and the like would indicate a complete absence of data, which doesn't seem right...

    And, of course, I'd always recommend sending an email to sales@navionics.com to have Customer Service assist/track.
  • Fore-ReelFore-Reel Posts: 103 Officer
    Thanks Dixon will try this tomorrow. I am not sure I did that when I purchased the unit, instruction with unit are very limited and leave a lot to be desired .
  • Fore-ReelFore-Reel Posts: 103 Officer
    It looks like my,files are empty Dixon, I am waiting to here from the Navionics folks, will let you know how it goes. I am sure I am not taking advantage of the Navionics on my system .
  • DixonDixon Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Customer Service will help you get what you need.
    I'll keep checking back. Feel free to track me down if you need anything.

    Best, Mike (Dixon)

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