Fisherman sues over prize marlin

wiggly wormwiggly worm Posts: 93 Deckhand
Here's an article about a fishing team that thought they had won 910,000 by catching an 883 lb marlin. Turns out they violeted the rules because everyone on the boat didnt have a fishing license.


  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,786 Captain
    Oh man that sucks big time, but who goes on a deep sea fishing tournament without a **** license?
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 7,799 Moderator
    I'd like to see the tournament rules. I suspect there is a catch-all line in the rules that says something to the effect of, "all fishing must take place in accordance with state and federal regulations", or something like that. If that's the case, the only person that must have a license is the one on the rod. However, the rules might say everybody on boat must have a license.

    EDIT: Just read where it said that everybod on board must have a license. I like the lawyer's take that says... "Rule said it, but it never winning fish ineligible ifyou don't have it."

    Also, I would argue the rule somewhat silly because what if an 8 year old was on board. In that case it would be impossible for everybody to have a license.

    One other thing to consider woudl be the fact that it's a charter. The mate needs to pass a drug screen and have is AB license, and I thinkt that's it. He's not an angler.

    HOWEVER, rules are rules.

    Biggest mistake the boat made (other than not having the license to begin with), was purchasing it on from the satellite connection after the landing. Judge might have bought ignorance plea, ie... "We thought it was just for the angler / charter folks". Once he bought the license, it proves that he understood the intent of the rule. No bueno.

    Sorry homework on part of capt and mate (note they missed the capt meeting), and it also sounds like some incredibly weak language in the tournament rules considering a $900,000 pay out on a single fish.
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  • Mako_OneMako_One Posts: 216 Officer
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,181 Captain
    The article I read said that it was just one of the deckhands that was unlicensed. Not the whole crew.
  • heavychevy15heavychevy15 Posts: 835 Officer
    Aren't fishing licenses covered under charter captains license for his party on board?
  • wiggly wormwiggly worm Posts: 93 Deckhand
    Its my understanding that they bought the license before the fish was boated but after it was hooked. The judge that is in charge of this case needs to excuse himself.It was proven that he's good friends with the people that own the second place boat and stand to win the 900,000 dollars if the first place boat is disqualified.
  • wpbthwpbth Posts: 443 Officer
    I have read about this happening before, if fishing without a license is a law with punishments, punish him. Fishing without a license is just not worth the hassle of getting caught.
  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,151 Admiral
    If a guy wants to go for a boat ride & does not fish (or assist a fisherman in fishing) I don't see why he needs a license ???
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,057 Moderator
    A lot of this story stinks .
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  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,234 Officer
    The guy wasn't there just for the boat ride; the article states that he was the first mate. Tournaments have rules so everyone has a level playing field. Also, the article states that neither the Captain nor the mate attended the pre-tournament meeting. These guys set themselves up for failure and can't blame it on anyone else or the rules.
  • AlwaysAbuAlwaysAbu Posts: 472 Officer
    If the 1st mate fishing a MILLION dollar tournament is ignorant enough to not have a fishing license, then no, you don't get to win you are outside of the rules and the law. You were ACTIVELY FISHING WITHOUT a license. Had it come to light without a catch they should have been disqualified the same way. It's illegal.

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