Entry level jigging rod and reel (spinning)

StevoStevo Posts: 25 Greenhorn
After reading and thinking about the idea jigging I'd like to buy my first jigging rig. I only recently got into saltwater fishing after buying my first center console. I think I prefer trying out a spinning combo and was wondering if something like a Penn Battle 5 or 6000 combo rod and reel would be good for starting out jigging.

My home inlet is Port Everglades so I'd be targeting snapper on the reefs and maybe some wahoo and tuna in the deeper waters a few miles off Port Everglades. Also, I know I can buy rod and reels that are specifically designed for jigging, but it seems those all cost $500+ and I'm not ready for that kind of investment yet and the main reason I'm thinking about trying the Battle route.

Please advise, and thanks in advance!


  • PENNPENN Posts: 366 Officer
    The rod that comes on the Battle combos are not designed for jigging as they are long and have a extra fast action, I would suggest looking into a Battle 5000 on a PENN Carnage jig rod. The CARJG65100S64 and BTL5000 would be a perfect jigging combo and would be around $250.
  • Jetex2801Jetex2801 Posts: 540 Officer
    I'd go for the 6000 for the extra line for those rare monsters.
  • StevoStevo Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Thanks guys!
  • jvanpeltjvanpelt Posts: 410 Officer
    If I were you I would definitely go with the Carnage Jigging Rod but nix the Battle 6000. Working that all day can be pretty tiresome. I would instead switch to a Penn Conquer 7000. Only weighs 18oz. Perfect jigging set up.

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