Mercury Revolution 4 Prop 23 pitch with performance vent system


Hello FS Members!
I have a Mercury Revolution 4 prop for sale.
The prop has a 23 pitch.
It is stainless steel and has the performance vent system.
A mechanic sold me this prop and said it would be the right size for my boat's weight and horsepower. After a 15 minute ride down the intercoastal, it was clear he was wrong.
The prop was only used for this 15 minute period, so it is basically brand new. It will be perfect for someone's boat size, just not mine.
No scratches or dings.

He sold it to me for $675, I'll sell it for $450.

Please PM me on here or text/ call me if you are interested. (561)312-6624

I am located in Boynton Beach, FL. Buyer pays shipping.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the new year.


  • Cmart104Cmart104 Posts: 226 Officer
    price change - $400
  • Cmart104Cmart104 Posts: 226 Officer
    Just name a price and we'll talk...
  • Cmart104Cmart104 Posts: 226 Officer
    Now $349
  • RhslayerRhslayer Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    May be interested. What boat/motor setup was the prop on that didn't work out?
  • Cmart104Cmart104 Posts: 226 Officer
    Hey Rhslayer,
    I had it on a 24ft boat with a 275 Verado on it for about 15 minutes. My boat is very light and is built for performance and not for strong handling. I had someone steal all of my electronics and my lower unit off my boat, including the prop that came from the factory when the boat was purchased. The mechanic my insurance company sent me to had no knowledge about props, and neither did I. He sold me this revolution prop which he said he thought would work fine, but he was clearly wrong. I ordered a different pitched prop a week later and now it runs fine. This revolution 4 prop will be great for someone else's boat, just not mine. After it's initial test run (about 15 minutes), this prop has yet be put back in the water. Do you live somewhere in south Florida? You are more than welcome to try it on your boat. Feel free to call me if it is easier. (561)312-6624. Thanks.
  • RhslayerRhslayer Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    I think I would need the 21 pitch but not sure. I'm in jax so too far to demo. Thanks for the quick reply.
  • Cmart104Cmart104 Posts: 226 Officer
    If you have a prop that is not performing correctly, call someone at They will tell you how to figure out what size pitch prop you will need based on a a WOT speed and RPM test test. The helped me find the right prop. Just make sure you bring a friend with you when you do the tests. It's hard to run your boat at WOT and write down your RPM's, speed, etc.

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