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I posted this back on 9/29 on the gen fishing board, and never got around to putting it up here. Any help with this issue would be great!

I am at a stand still with my TRQ200. A couple of weeks back I lost 2 good fish due to the anti reverse failing and the reel backlashing. I talked to a Penn rep, and he told me it sounded like a clutch bearing. So I replaced that, used it for the first time yesterday, and had the same problem again on some nice fish The problem only happens when it is under load, so it's impossible to duplicate on the work bench.

My newest conclusion is that I need a new spool. There are two distinct wear spots on the shaft where the pinion sits. Plus the bearing that sits on the outside of the shaft I had to remove with pliers with moderate to heavy force. The only thing that is making me second guess myself is that the pinion fits into the spool shaft with very little play. The anti-reverse dogs are rock there anything else I could be missing? This reel has been flawless for the past 3 years, and has literally caught tons of fish.


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    Is the reel going into "freespool"? If so, it may not have been the AR bearing, as this would usually cause the handle to spin backwards.
    If the dogs are good, then it sounds like possibly a "spool spindle" issue. Consider sending the reel in to the service dpt. at the Penn factory in Philadelphia.
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  • PENNPENN Posts: 366 Officer
    Its sounds like there could be a few things but without seeing the reel its hard to say. We would like to get the reel back into the reel department in Philly and go through the reel and fix it for you. If you could please send the reel to the below address and attention it to Tom Blecker,

    Tom Blecker
    3028 W. Hunting Park Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19132
  • mukymanfrankmukymanfrank Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Has any body else had problems with knob breaking off on the battle 4000? Its happen to me on the same reel which i bought for my daughter to use for yellow tailing. And does anybody out there recomend an after market knob i can install?
  • PENNPENN Posts: 366 Officer
    there were a few reels that had weak handle knob rivets and this issue has been correct. If you send use your address we will send you a new handle know with the stronger rivet.

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