12-26-12 Crazy Ft. Pierce Wind! Post Christmas Grand Slam

So a buddy of mine and I had been planning to do an all day trip in the canoe for a while now. The plan was to get up at 0430 and be on the water as the first light was coming up. After stopping at DD's for some coffee and getting bait at debrook's (just in case) we got out on the water. We found the bait right away and started throwing top water's. My friend got the first fish with a small jack. We continued to work the shoreline and I missed a very nice redfish that followed my bait all the way back to the boat. By this time we had trout and red's missing our baits on every cast. I slowed my retrieve just a little and yielded a nice trout.
Wind began to pick up a little so we did some exploring and found somewhere that was nice and secluded with lots of wind cover. I'm glad we decided to do that because the wind started pushing the waves up to around 2-3. Not fun in a canoe!
My friend put his top water out (in a very believable redfish color) and a little 4 pound tarpon crushed it! We both started throwing the top waters again and I pulled in a little tarpon into the canoe.
The bite at this point just turned on, it was tarpon and snook left and right on the top waters.
I started fishing some shrimp on the bottom just to use them up, that turned into who could pull more rat reds off the bottom :rotflmao (with the total being around 50). By far the best bite of the day was when I tossed out a topwater and i had a TINY snook following it back hitting it every two seconds or so. My buddy says "Dude that is WAY too small for that lure" as soon as he finished his sentence the water EXPLODED (and this is with my lure about 8 feet away from the boat). It started pulling drag and thats when I knew I was into a good fish. A few minuets later and my buddy netted the nice sized redfish.
Funny thing was as we were getting ready to net it, there were 2 other same sized red and one MASSIVE snook all fighting over the lure in my fishes mouth! We were cracking up!

We ended up getting multiple slams, one of my best fishing trips I've had in a while.

Total: 50+ Red Drum, 20+ Snook, 1 Trout, 1 Black Drum, 1 Mangrove snapper, 3-4 tarpon, Multiple barracuda, 2 Jacks.


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