New boat hulls?

This might not be the correct section for this but still an appropriate question. I am looking for a new boat (used is good too). I am interested in just the hull with basic things like a console, cleats, hatches, ect... Flats and skiffs are really my target. I have a new 60hp efi bigfoot fourstroke, trailer, hydraulic steering, lights, pumps, gauges, and wiring. Does anyone know of any boat makers that offer such base models? Looking at 16-18ft range and it will be used for fishing, some diving and going to the keys. Any ideas or companies would be greatly appreciated. Price range for me is up to $6000 give or take a few bucks over if need be.


  • Cut runnerCut runner Posts: 948 Officer
    Check out ankona boats in ft pierce
  • Ankona SkiffsAnkona Skiffs Posts: 123 Officer
    Cut runner wrote: »
    Check out ankona boats in ft pierce


    Mel should be able to hook you up with something. From mild to wild
  • anejo22anejo22 Posts: 1,511 Officer

    talk to bobby he they make boats and have a couple different molds .can do anything you want .
  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Officer
    I'll check into them. I seem to have found a boat but still need to look at it. It's a new seafox flats boat with lots of extras standard for a good price excluding trailer. But I'm still looking and keeping my options open.
  • SnookMan772SnookMan772 Posts: 646 Officer
    Stay away from the SeaFox!!! Your new seafox will look worse in a few years than many other brands that are much older. There is a reason they are new and still cheap.... You always get what you pay for....

    I would try looking for an older Maverick or Hewes hull. They just don't make them like they used to
  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Officer
    If I could find a maverick or hewes hull I'd jump on it in a heartbeat but I talked to a MBC dealer and they wanted 10k for just the hull stripped down. I think I was getting a bunch of BS and the dealer wanted to make extra. I found this slightly used seafox for a great deal fully equipped with motor, steering, fully rigged and turn key ready for less. I am keeping my eyes peeled still
  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Officer
    Thanks for the suggestions. Took delivery last night of the new boat. Now to switch everything over....

    Here is a sneek peek

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