star rods

I have a 7 ft star rod stellar light, that broke about 6 inches from the tip while fighting a redfish. Do you think sea striker will replace it?


  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    they prolly will. unless it is out of warranty. they usually want you to cut the model number out so you can use the rod any more. just email and tell them what happened and how this is your favorite rod and they should work with you.
  • nicknick Posts: 4,396 Captain
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    My own dealings with them have been AWESOME! Id be suprised if they didn't
  • tarponhuntertarponhunter Posts: 278 Deckhand
    you could also probably bring it to a local tackle shop that is a star rod dealer and they might replace it as well. you might need a receipt or you might not depending on the shop.
  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    I only had one rod they wouldn't replace and it was really old but they offered me another at like 75% off

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