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Originally, XXXXXXX was imported to the United States from Italy and Tibet for use in ceramics and goldsmithing. In 1881, a prospector named Aaron Winters learned about the value of white crystalline ulexite (the earliest known form of XXXXXXX) from another prospector. The test, at that time, for purity was to pour alcohol and sulfuric acid over the ore and ignite it. If it burned green, it was XXXXXX.

Aaron Winters is reported to have said to his wife, “She burns green, Rosie! We’re rich, by God!” He quickly acquired and sold his Death Valley acres to William T. Coleman for $20,000. In 1882, Goldman built Harmony XXXXX Works in Death Valley and the Amargosa XXXXXX Works near Shoshone, where cooler summers allowed XXXXXX to be processed year round.

Financial troubles forced Coleman to sell his properties to Francis Marion “XXXXXX” Smith for $500,000) in 1890. Smith then created the Pacific Coast XXXXXX Company which eventually became XXXXXXX Company.
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