Help - Mother wants a point and shoot for Christmas

My Mother has a point and shoot Minolta from 2001 with a one inch LCD display. Time has come for her to upgrade, and I do not know anything about the new point and shoots.

It hurts me to type this, but her most important requirement is a large LCD display, as she does not know how/ want to / desire / or care to print images or download them onto a computer. (every photo she has ever taken is on the Minolta SD card, serious).

Her second most important criteria is simplicity... (she can't or won't change any settings on anything ever).

Finally, she only wants a camera from Costco or Sam's Club (again, serious).

So what should I buy???????

1 - Large LCD
2 - Simple / Auto
3 - Available at Sam's Club / Costco?

Any guidance is appreciated.

PS: For myself, I am going to pull the trigger on a D600 and Tokina 12-24 this week (the lens is for my D7000).


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