Brevard NC

BullsharkBullshark Posts: 28 Greenhorn
My father and I crewed off the boat at the same time this hitch so we decided to hit up NC for some trout action. We went 2 days solo and 1 with a guide I used 3 times before. The water was very low and the fishing was a bit tougher than its been in the past but we were able to catch about 40 trout on our own and another 60 with the guide Josh. I landed the odd looking giant brown on a one last chance stop at the river on the way to the airport.

Here is another link of the pics from the guide day.


  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,676 Admin
    Great pics, looks like a great time!
    Mark Wilson
  • ShadowcastShadowcast Posts: 1,009 Officer
    Great pics!
    Capt. Jon Bull
    Shadowcast Charters
    Ankona Boats Sales Rep
    2018 Tavernier 17.....Coming Soon!!
  • sbt59sbt59 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Looks like it good be a tiger trout - brook/brown hybrid
  • troutbomtroutbom Posts: 149 Deckhand
    Were you guys nymphing or streamer fishing? DETAILS!! I live in South Florida with lots of great fishing but I'm nuts about trout. Go out west twice a year. Fished South Holston in Tenn but didnt do that well. (no guide)
  • BullsharkBullshark Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    I'm the same way. If you like it as much as I do you might want to try that area out. There are hotels in Brevard within 10 miles of a bunch of great trout streams. I fly Allegiant air. If you plan ahead the tickets are less than $50 each way. I started by using guides and the one I use will teach you how to fish on your own. Josh at Curtis Wright Outfitters. Half day trips are very reasonable. They have a good site that tells you what's biting on each river.

    My go to is either a pink worm or small pink egg with a #18 or #20 olive midge tied under. Olive, pink and copper all with flash are my favorites. I make my own worms out of a kids toy ball that works well. Here is what it looks like.
  • mangohunter11mangohunter11 Posts: 442 Officer
    Bad *** James! Hit me up for a trip down south or north when your in town!
  • LC ANGLERLC ANGLER Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Hey bull shark, I also fish up in Bervard NC. I usally fish with out a guide and tie by own flies we need to get together, I fish the east fork of the french board in Rosman and do pretty good, I just went over Thanksgiving.

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