Epic day surf fishing

ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
My son (13) and I headed to Playalinda to surf fish yesterday. Picked up bait (fresh dead shrimp and live clams) at the baitshop. Got to the beach about 8:30. Rigged up and started catching small Whiting and Bluefish :banghead.Caught and released a total of 15 Whiting and 12 Blues. Wound up keeping 6 Whiting and 4 Blues. Fishing slowed down in the afternoon. High tide was at 3:40 and i said to my son we are sticking it out till 5:30. Told him the bite should start again when the tide goes out.We caught a couple of small Whiting that were tossed back. At 4:15 I get a nice hit and bring in an 18" Black Drum. 5 minutes later my son lands a 15" Black Drum as well.We are doing high fives now. As I'm talking to my son the guy to the right of me says there is something hitting my 12' rod. I ran over and starting reeling in some slack till it got tight. As I'm reeing I say to my son it fells like a good fish because it's pulling drag. I told him doesn't feel like a Pompano, Blue or Black Drum, I said it feels more like a Redfish. Low and behold what pops out of the surf a 23 1/2" Redfish with a beautiful Blue tail:dance.Now we are really doing high fives. Well that one ended the day for us. We caught the Black Drum on crab flavored Fishbites. We also caught Whiting on them. My son and I are believers in Fishbites. We caught as many fish on them as natural bait.Caught the Red on a 3 hook Pompano rig with cut clam and 2/0 Eagle Claw circle hook. I'll upload some pics hopefully tonight. Tight lines.


  • magicmikemagicmike Posts: 31 Deckhand
    Nice! TFTR.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    That is awesome man!! i was also there on Sunday, but your day was more productive than mine. I caught a lot of whiting and lots of small pompano, but one big polmeta and a couple bigger whiting. The water was an awesome color though and the day was really nice. Did you see how many sand-fleas there were?? It was awesome!!!
  • Serpent710Serpent710 Posts: 205 Officer
    I was using Shrimp fishbites yesterday, and outfished the person next to me who was using cut clam. Im a huge believer in them as well.
    References: triumphrick, 1love, MAVERICK16'10", Sails and Tails, Gatorman, Bottombouncer, onICE
  • Red SledRed Sled Posts: 83 Greenhorn
    nice payoff for sticking it out, doesnt always happen!
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
    fishboy what lot did you fish?
    Red Sled it was a beautiful day at the beach
    Serpent710 what did you catch and where did you fish?
    magicmike thanks
  • olebobolebob Posts: 114 Officer
    Fished Lot #4 North on Sunday. I caught 10 whiting, 3 small pomps and 2 blues on peeled shrimp.

    Monday same lot found dirty water and lots of trash. My son and I caught 12 whiting and the usual dirty water trash fish - skates, shark and croakers.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    I fished the lot in front of eddys creek from about 1:30 to just before sunset. Most of my bites came leading up to high tide and they slowed down around 4, but started up again at 5...

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