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Went out of boynton yesterday around 12, caught some donkey mullet with a 5 ft cast net. They were scattering so fast that it was difficult at high tide to get them. Managed 6 around 10-12 in each. Grabbed some blue runners and headed out south to boca almost and did our first drift in 120 , caught some small groupers on the bottom and by the time we drifted into 90 I saw my long flatlined mullet right next to the boat jumping getting boiled on three times with no bite !! The mullet was coming straight for the oat and there weren't more boils :( after a minute realizing that it didn't get hit with amazement I quickly jumped to the bow reeling in the slack and tossed him right where the boil was, let the mullet run and nothing :/ I put the rod back in the holder and bam fish on!!! He took two great runs and then slowly came in from about half my spool . Got him to the boat and it looked like a nice king but once he came close I immediately saw it was my first big hoo on live bait !!! Trying to keep calm while the last mins of the fight was very hard but he came up and I stuck the gaff in his head and boom !!! Yelling wahoo loud enough for the whole world to hear, I took some pic while he was lit up and in the cooler ") very happy day !! Did two more drifts with no luck so I set up in 65 to grab some tails . Got a half dozen and a couple Grovers and some big triggers. Went home with big smiles all around . Fish was almost five feet Long! Guessing around mid 40s , no scale :/ headed in and had the best of the ocean to eat ;)


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