A DUI test like no other . . .

Baits OutBaits Out Posts: 12,251 AG
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  • MadScientistMadScientist Posts: 3,402 Officer
    May have been inspired by this one
  • 9-Lives9-Lives Posts: 2,116 Captain
    Tracy Ullman did a bit like this. I remember laughing at it while I was waiting for the Simpsons segment to come on.
  • FletchFletch Merritt Island, FLPosts: 2,290 Moderator
    My favorite. :)
    "Ninety percent I'll spend on good times, women and Irish whiskey. The other ten percent, I'll probably waste..."
    -- Tug McGraw on getting a raise

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  • Billy No MatesBilly No Mates Posts: 2,402 Captain
    Fletch wrote: »
    My favorite. :)
    Agree. Classic!!
  • spiltnurgspiltnurg Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    the one with steve martin made me laugh...can't beat reality though. excuse his language.
  • TriplecleanTripleclean Posts: 6,591 Officer
    On a different topic;

  • JesseJamesJesseJames Posts: 2,408 Officer
    My pre-video youtube ad was for muslima.com "for muslim matrimonials" Kinda like Christian Mingle but with burhka's and beheadings?

    But I digress...
  • Gary S. ColecchioGary S. Colecchio Posts: 24,922 Officer
    "If I can't win, I won't play." - Doris Colecchio.

    "Well Gary, the easiest way to look tall is to stand in a room full of short people." - Curtis Bostick

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  • SJCSJC Posts: 2,560 Captain
    That was the worst!!!!
    The Beatings will continue until moral improves!

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