a pic worth a thousand #$%^ &&**!@(

7 hours work down the drain :(
while packing the threads and getting the crossing points straightened and aligned, a few threads broke.
it's 1:30AM and i'm @#^*&;


  • HopittyhopHopittyhop Posts: 302 Officer
    Holy crap that sucks!!
  • JohnnyTsuJohnnyTsu Posts: 133 Deckhand
    That sucks!

    Done something like that before, broke the wrapping thread while trimming/tightening a snook weave. Tried to tie off the end and restart the last 2 steps. Looked like crap so ended off cutting it off. That was only 3 hours of work though.

    What do you use to pack?
  • gerrysgerrys Posts: 738 Officer
    I feel your pain!!!! What a bummer.
  • HooganHoogan Posts: 498 Deckhand

    Sorry to see that. :banghead
  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    BOING!!! **** if I don't hate that. Been there done it more than my share of times. I feel your pain. **** fade too.
  • shadowwalkershadowwalker Posts: 2,193 Captain
    So what were you using as a tool that cut the thread?
  • Greyt EscapeGreyt Escape Posts: 326 Officer
    I give up when that happens.

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