Playalinda Beach Fishing

ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
Has anyone fished Playalinda lately? Looking to go on Saturday.


  • DoozeDooze Posts: 233 Officer
    I haven't been in over a month. Went back when I thought I would see mullet being crushed, but I didnt see much. Just a few rogue mullet jumps. I ended up with a decent size Crevalle casting a large jig into some of the calmer pockets of water out there, but I put in a ton of casts for one fish. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    I was supposed to go last week but things did not work out. I am going to try to bet out Sunday and will post a report if I go!!
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
    Fish Playalinda on Sunday. My son and I caught 2 Whiting (1 keeper) and 5 Catfish. Surf too rough and Northerly current. Saw a few Blues caught.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    I was there Sunday too! What lot were you at? I was at lot 7 I believe. There was a nice trough which I fished and I caught a tiny flounder, a whiting and I had a pompano on but it got off at the shore...
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
    fishboy my son and I where at lot 7. We got there at 7:30ish and fished till noon. We fished right infront of the stairs.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    Lot 7 is the one across from eddy creek? I was there from around 1 to sunset. The only other fishermen I saw were down closer to beach 6 or the one before eddy creen ramp.
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,658 Officer
    fishboy I believe Eddy Creek ramp is by lot 8
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    Oh, my bad then I was on lot 8. This ramp numbers always confuse me lol.

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