11/4 offshore KEEP A LOOK OUT!

Went out Sunday to dive/fish. Stopped at 700B and couldn't get away form the sharks. Moved all around and they where there.. Made the call to go to Elton. Pulled up and right away we were pulling in triggers and letting go beeliners. Caught a few large ARS. Not one grouper bite. We put down the rods and put on the tanks. Dark green water with a little bit of snot. Hard current on the surface/mid column. Little to no current on the bottom. 20-30ft vis. A few small grouper but nothing legal. The bugs were there and got 7 for the day.
Now, Please look out for a bright orange marker buoy with 210' marked on the side. Around Elton bottom. Attached is a downrigger weight and a dive weight. We were in such a hurry to get back to land. I forgot to get the marker after we pulled the anchor.:banghead On the way home we were stoked to have some fish in the box with a few bugs and a new hot fishing spot. Until we realized we left the marker on our spot. So, if you find it. You will be rewarded with a nice ledge and a six pack of top quality beer if returned.



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