NMZ fishing 11-1-12

Got a couple days off from work so decided to do a little fishing today following the first cool front of the season. With no set plan where to go I saw a Facebook post from a buddy of mine, Steve Brand. He was planning on hitting the No Motor Zone/KARS Park area. After texting him and inviting myself along (thanks Steve :) ) we made plans to meet this morning. We launched a began our trip to an area we figured would be holding some fish. Actually we had no clue where to go. Our no-plan theory paid off. The early bite was slow but when the sun got a little higher and warmed up the flats it was game on. It was red-trout-red-trout all morning. Highlight of my day was a 30 inch red sight fished five feet off the nose of my yak. One of the coolest eats I've seen. Steve poled up on a 40+ inch snook which blew out before he could get a cast to it. for a last minute decision on where to fish it was a great day. Hittin it again tomorrow.....

Tight Lines !!


  • Doit873Doit873 Posts: 34 Deckhand
    Thats good to hear. I will be up there tomm also.
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,415 AG
    Standing in the water...BRRRR...I was cold standing on the nose of my skiff...

    Good job! :beer
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  • redheadredhead Posts: 120 Officer
    Nice job. I am headed up there saturday. Lookin for an overslot on fly. Any black drum yet?
  • Ta1lChas3rTa1lChas3r Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    redhead wrote: »
    Nice job. I am headed up there saturday. Lookin for an overslot on fly. Any black drum yet?
    Saw a few drum but they were picky.....no takers.
  • Chasing FinChasing Fin Posts: 151 Officer
    How was the water clarity? Haven't been out there in a while.
  • Ta1lChas3rTa1lChas3r Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Not too bad, Clear for the most part till the mullet mud it up.
  • SteveB79SteveB79 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Awesome day with Alan and Steve J. Thanks for paddlin out guys! Water was clean for the most part. Sandy then patchy for the most part. Fish were around but not too thick. Jerkbaits worked out for us in the late morning. Even had a monster Snook sighting.....very brief but true. He was hangin in less than a ft of crystal clear water. I was stalking a slot Redfish at the time and he appeared 5ft off off the commander to my left. Soon as we made eye contact......he bolted!! Overall great day with good friends!!
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