Kismet Snook on Top Water..Southwest Florida

So we made it to the Kismet launch (north cape coral) yesterday. It was an awesome trip. I had heard some great stories about the area and the real thing didn't disappoint. We saw so many fish, some monster reds and snook out there. We made it all the way out to Charlotte Harbor but the wind kept us off the grass flats so we headed back into the mangrove lakes. I was able to pick up one snook and my friend caught one red and one snook. Also there was so much drift wood..I need a bigger yard for all that. I can't wait to get back out there.
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  • SeeingRedSeeingRed Posts: 312 Officer
    When you first come out of the narrow creek and it opens up to the mangrove lakes there are some narrow tunnels that lead into wider creeks on the right hand side. Those creeks have some big snook in them. My buddy and I spend hours in those creeks just catching one snook after another.
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  • BobbkkatBobbkkat Posts: 141 Officer
    Where is that launch located at? I have never heard of one in that area.

  • SeeingRedSeeingRed Posts: 312 Officer
    At the far west end of kismet. Take old burnt store to kismet and make a left. Keep going till you run out of road and youre there.

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  • jocofijocofi Posts: 68 Deckhand
    Bobbkkat, what SeeingRed said. If you go, bring a map of the area and a compass at the very least. It can be a maze back there. Should your gps, phone or guide should stop working a map will get you home. Also you will at some point have to get out and drag your kayak, bring wet suit booties or other thick soled water shoes.
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  • jocofijocofi Posts: 68 Deckhand
    I'm only sponsored by bending branches but my friend is a big fan of the DOA shrimp. He caught all his fish that day on the DOA shrimp. He also bought that shirt at the florida sportsman expo that weekend and was proud to wear it right away. Spam huh that might be interesting to for the snook, one for me and chum for the snapper.
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  • Gauz ManGauz Man Posts: 45 Deckhand
    Nice fish and I really like the pics
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