35#'er Smoker King off Juno Right at Sunrise!

Double D boys headed out early from Jupiter Inlet hoping for some goggle eyes at around 5:45AM. Went out Friday morning with a bunch of runners and a few gogs but got beat up as seas built quickly so headed back in around 10am. Noticed the seas seems to be laying down yesterday while I was on a booze cruise up and down the ditch so decided to go out this am early. Inlet was smooth at 6 am and seas were manageable all day long, 2-3 ft. Today we cleaned up on google eyes at North rocks and actually had more goggles than runners! We thought we would slay it today. First drift was no kite off Juno with live and dead baits on the flat lines to test current and drift direction. Sun just came up and we get nailed on a goggle eye! Hoping for a who daddy but had to settle for her stinky sister! Still fun though! A 35 pounder king in the boat first thing! Wow, we are going to slay it today! We set up again in 250ft with 4 baits on 2 kites. Looks good to me. the boys are working the kites and I am flat lining off the other side. We are jigging once in a while too! Not a sail to be had all day or even a knockdown on the kites. We stayed out till 3pm and called it a day!

2/2 on kings-one fouled hooked jigging and released
Assorted bottom fish none of the keeper variety and 2 small red groupers released successfully
1 mangrove snapper
2/2 on losing brand new Tsunami jigs-cut offs
5/5 on losing whole bottom rigs completely cutoff.

Beautiful day on the water and we didn't get skunked. Hated to throw back all of the precious goggle eyes...... Next time!
Double D's crew proudly uses Canyon Gear tackle


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