1/20 20lb Jack inshore Miami on Topwater

Launched off morningside after waiting for the gards to open the gate 30min late. When I finally get on the water, I see pods of mullet getting hammered by something big. I cast a sud-surface lure to see if I get hit but nothing, so after the third cast I switch to a zara spook... by this time whatever is chasing bait splits into 3-4 groups and hit the bait hard, by this time I worry these may be dolphins. Next thing I know a wake comes towards me so I cast and walk my dog in front of it and bam!!! I get hit hard.

I'm on a trout set-up so within 10seconds I see my reel is going to be out of line soon with 100 yards out already, fortunatly I got the pedals to help out so I start chasing it. A minute later I'm able to work the drag and finish the fight on a sleigh ride. At this time I still don't know what I have, I know it's not a tarpon so I'm thinking shark.

A few minutes later I get closer and see the jack at the end of my line, along with a school surrounding it of another 12-15 jacks of the same size. A while later the fight ends, a fellow kayaker helps me land the beast and snap a few pics before releasing it (instead of chasing the school himself, kudos).

Measured 34" long but couldn't get weight on it, probably about 20lbs?

Rest of the day was slow but there's nothing more thrilling than sight-casting and getting hit on topwater by a big fish on light tackle...

L2mexrf.jpg yJOwEl3.jpg PtNUdxY.jpg


  • chefdtachefdta Posts: 188 Officer
    Reel NICE!!!! :)
  • FLATS BROKEFLATS BROKE Posts: 2,060 Captain
    Big JackC! Good Job.
  • mangohunter11mangohunter11 Posts: 442 Officer
    Dope! Those bad boys don't come around often enough in the bay! Nice Catch brotha!
  • project1project1 Posts: 347 Officer
    Oh man nice jack!

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  • 1OzLead1OzLead Posts: 352 Officer
    That's quite a beast. Congrats! :fishing
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,238 Moderator
    That must have been a nice fight!
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  • Bob1shBob1sh Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Nice jack!!
  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,618 Captain
    A jack that size is a work out out of a kayak. Nice catch.:Rockon
  • PBG-JohnPBG-John Posts: 416 Officer
    Niiice! How far did he pull ya?
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  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
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  • chefdtachefdta Posts: 188 Officer
    My 8 year old's jaw just hit the floor! He wants one of those, and I'd love to see that sleigh ride!
  • Beast!
  • inshore daveinshore dave Posts: 533 Officer
    Nice fish. Bet you had one hell of a sleigh ride!!
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  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Sweet fight !
  • ChobeeboysChobeeboys Posts: 417 Officer
    Wow, kinda like hooking into a freight train huh. Nice Jack
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  • levosgienlevosgien Posts: 164 Officer
    Thnx guys, yea once it hit it took me for a nice ride, few direction changes but the school came and met with him a few times as they were moving north towards the venetian causeway.

    The biggest challenge was to keep the tension off of the 14lb test I had on playing with the drag and kayak.

    Goes without saying it was revived and release in good health pretty close to the school.
  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    Hey I saw the whole fight.....I took the PHOTOS. I am happy that they were posted on this site Arno. I just joined the Florida Sportsman Site. Can't wait to hit the area again. I have been catching some Gator trouts lately. Will post some pictures soon, once I learn this sight. I have been doing some offshore lately and loving it!

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  • levosgienlevosgien Posts: 164 Officer
    Cool Frank, tight lines!
  • yakhunteryakhunter Posts: 129 Deckhand
    Wow, impressive on the light tackle.
  • jivariejivarie Posts: 127 Officer
    One of the hardest fighting fish out there. Really, it's quite underrated in terms of sportfishing. good work.
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