Inshore Fishing sponsors?

Hi My name is Hunter Osborne, Im looking for a sponsor for my fishing team, we fish in a 14 ft carolina skiff and looking to move up soon to a bigger boat we also fish in a 16 ft boston whaler depending on what kind of tournement it is, We are looking to fish the IFA this year and for sure fishing the el cheapo and greater jax(inshore) and offshore tournament. Just let me know if you have any more questions and if your interested in being a sponsor of mine email me at I will make sure to put your name out the best i can by boats, tshirts, hats. etc. Thank you.

Team Salty Dawg
Hunter Osborne
Team Salty Dawg
Palm Valley, Florida
Hunter Osborne


  • Flat_TopFlat_Top Posts: 298 Officer

    I'll give you the same advise I was given. Fish those tournaments you mentioned and more. Consistency catching fish will help get your name out there but it isn't everything. Smile, be friendly, be active in the fishing community and build a resume. Most important, don't be that guy. We all know who they are. When you have that, you will be one of the 100's or 1000's that can catch fish consistently and would love a sponsor.

    Now the tough part, ask yourself what can you do for or bring to a sponsor? Not what can a sponsor do for you. When you figure that last part out approach potential sponsors with how you can help get their name out there. Remember these guys get approached every day to sponsor someone or something and have the pick of the top anglers. They are looking for a return on their investment, sponsor dollars, and you have to convince them you are a good investment. When you can show them you can make them money by having their name on your boat, t-shirt, hats, etc. you will get sponsors. Until then don't take it so seriously that fishing isn't fun. Go catch some fish and have fun.
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  • jvanpeltjvanpelt Posts: 410 Officer
    1000% agree with the above statement. Build your resume and fish plenty of tournaments. Stay active on forums and start promoting the brands you use now because at the end of the day your sponsors are looking for someone that can up sales and public awareness of their product. Good luck!!
  • SaltydawgkingSaltydawgking Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Ok thank you I understand I don't need a sponsor. I just would like some money for tournements in return I promote them and I understand what your saying it really helps me out thank you! I will defiantly take that advise.
    Team Salty Dawg
    Palm Valley, Florida
    Hunter Osborne

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