Duck Island

I had stopped in the park on a motorcycle ride and wanted to come back and fish the area. My buddy Marvin calls and tells me he was up there on his bike and we should take the yaks up there. I took that as a sign. So after mostly recovering from the Death Flu my buddy Marvin and I loaded the truck and drove up there. I was a chamber of commerce day. We fished from noon till 5pm. It was very interesting to see how little it was affected by the tides. There was plenty of bait in the water so I thought this could be good. We stated off on the left channel and Marvin catches 2 juvenile snook maybe 12 inches. Then we hit some little Jacks and they were endless. There were a few bigger ones in there too. I went to the next channel and got a little mangrove snapper and the a huge hit. It took me up under the Mangroves. I callled Marvin over to help see if he could unwrap my line from the Mangrove but no luck and he finally got off. But that felling when a fish is draging your Yak is awesome. We moved up the west side of the channel and more Jacks so we ventured to the east side and bam I got nailed by a huge Trout.

Sorry I can't get the pic to rotate. Even when I save it it keeps going back. We got a few ladyfish too.

Fishing with Native ultimate 12 Kayaks
FlyRods Glass Minnow imatation
8lb Spinning outfit live shrimp
80 something degrees and sunny
Nonstop Jacks 3 snook
2 ladys
1 trout
Low Sea's, High Tides, Fish On


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