Lasso Net - Good Service

We are quick to bash a product or customer service so I thought a feel good story is worth posting.

Last year I fished and got to use a Lasso Net,, it is a retractable net that works outstanding for inshore fishing and stores away. After using one it immediately went on my Xmas list. Me, being me, promptly broke the net Xmas Day by not reading the directions on how to retract it. The product is not weak, I was just trying to force something instead of pushing the release button :). I sent them an email about getting a part or etc. They immediately offered to just give me a new one. I explained that I broke it and would buy it, they insisted that they would give me another one and appreciated the honesty.

Obviously, this is really above and beyond what I expected from them and I actually feel a bit guilty taking a replacement net when I broke the first one. none the less, it is nice to be appreciated as a customer. Anyone looking for a good inshore net should take a look at the lasso net.


  • Anonymous3Anonymous3 Posts: 5,987 Officer
    Cool, thanks for sharing.
  • knotenoughknotenough Posts: 925 Officer
    That is pretty cool and perfect for a boat that is limited on space!!! Looks like it would hold a sheephead pretty well!!!!

    Would also be a great raffle item for the upcoming tournament!! (HINT HINT)

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