SLI 1/3 Gaffer and Triple Tail

Yay! Mother Nature finally cooperated for one of my days off!
Rigged up and ready to go.

We cleared the inlet to FLAT seas, picked up a handful of blue runners just outside the inlet and headed on our way. We had read the bite south was slow for the past few days, so NE we went.
Attempted to bottom bounce the sandpile on the way out and sunk a few liveys to no avail.
So pointed the bow NE to find some 'fishey' conditions.
This guy was putting out the biggest 'waves' of the day.

We came across a nice pallet with plenty of bait on it and some scattered weed that looked 'just right', squirted some Medhaden milk (thanks Jeff), dropped some runners down and Nothin' :banghead
So, we headed further NE, next we are surrounded by BFTs and Skippys busting port and starbord! Trolled small feathers, cedar plugs and threw wax-wigs.....Nothin'! :banghead
Decided to double back against the stream and came across this gem:

about a 30 ft tree floating with its own ecosystem. Squirt some mild and drop out some runners and GAFFER on!! This was my friend son's first Phin! :willynilly

We worked the tree for the remainder of the day and pulled of 2 triple tails as well. (I have some pics on the GoPro, but still learning the software bear with my learning curve...)
We ended up 25 miles east of FP and ran home on flat seas @ 4600 RPM, Zuki's were happy and so were we with the day.
Tight lines



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