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  • Carl BlackledgeCarl Blackledge Posts: 674 Officer

    Maybe just go to K-Mart or some other big discount store and buy a medalist reel for around $25-30 for a while, then buy your next reel based on what you didn't like with the first one? Just cause you have $250.00 saved up isn't any reason to blow it?...good luck to you
  • acesoveracesover Posts: 552 Officer
    I would take a good look at either an Orvis or Lamson, nothing wrong with getting a used reel, so you couild save a few bucks. The Lamson Konic or Guru should fit your needs. And the drags are great!
    I have no experience with the Orvis reels, but it seems that a lot of folks like them, and Nautilus reels are a good value, but may be out of your price range. Also, if you can find an Old Florida reel for sale, I would look at it, but they don't have sealed drags, so a little more care needs to be taken with them when maintaining them, like screwing down the drag when rinsing them out after fishing, and remembering to back the drag off when done, but that's minor.
    As far as the suggestion Carl made, you can do that too! Nothing wrong with not dropping that amount of money when starting out, just not sure where you can find a Medalist reel anymore.
  • bonefishdickbonefishdick Posts: 67 Deckhand
    Snookin44, I hope that you got some information that you can use with the feedback you got, not sure how you feel about posting what you got once you have made your decision, I for one would like to know but on the other hand, I would understand your reluctance to post your decision as well. Whatever you decide enjoy it and I wish you the best of luck in using it.
    "The Tug Is The Drug"
  • idlerickidlerick Posts: 215 Deckhand
    I have no first-hand experiencce with the Orvis reels either, but the Battenkill mid arbors seem to have a loyal following.
    I have several Lamsons (Velocities) and like them in fresh water, but in salt you can't remove the spool to soak them or it will ruin the drag. Then Lamson wants $20 to fix it. (Guess how I know both things.) So I've stuck with Ross reels in the salt. Free repair, lifetime warranty, plus, they're made here in Colorado.
    Again, try EBay and other such sites for a good value in a used reel. Or rod or line. Dealers typically pay half of retail for everything, so that's about what a mint new one is bringing.
  • ditzditz Posts: 33 Deckhand
    If you haven't yet bought a reel you might take a look at Colton.

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